Concerto for classical guitar and jazz piano trio, sonate pour guitare marki Brilliant classics

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Bolling: Concerto For Classical Guitar And Jazz Piano Trio, Sonate Pour Guitare
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Claude Quartet - Konzert Fuer Gitarre Und Jazz-kla 1. Hispanic Dance 2. Mexicaine 3. Invention 4. Serenade 5. Rhapsodic 6. Africaine 7. Finale Meucci, Duilio - Sonate Fuer Gitarre Solo (1996) 1. Jazzo Brasileiro 2.

Baladina 3. Fogoso " Claude Bolling was born in 1930 in Cannes, where he became one of the most popular figures of the French jazz scene. He composed music for over 100 films, and he worked together with Duke Ellington, Juliette Greco, Liza Minelli and others.

" Claude Bolling was one of the first "Crossover" composers, collaborating with classical musicians like Jean-Pierre Rampal and Alexandre Lagoya. " Bolling"s most famous work is the Concerto for Classical Guitar and Jazz Piano Trio.

It is the perfect synthesis of Jazz, Blues, Latin-American and Classical music, a unique creation of multicultural expression! " Also included in this new recording is the Sonata for Classical Guitar.

" Performed with gusto and a free spirit aby the wonderful musicians of the Claude Quartet, with guitarist Duilio Meucci.

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